Paid in Full B! A Curatorial of @RebeccaMaria Exhibition at @poppingtonart

What a beautiful success the Paid In Full Exhibition at Poppington was Sunday night. I had the pleasure of being counted among The faithful appreciators who braved the snow to partake of art and urban cinematic culture.

The paid in full exhibition by Rebecca Maria was a stark reminder of the cultural earmark that is Paid In Full. 

Rebecca's brush is poised with the impeccable timing as she creates visual quotable on canvas. If you don't catch my meaning, observe this piece below. What line comes to mind?


As appreciators stood in front of the works you could hear the rumblings of endearing repetitions of some of the most memorable lines in the film.

As I stood in amazement, it dawned on me that this film has meant more to our generation than just a few quotes and tales of the triple beam dream. It is the embodiment of our New York identity.


The Faceless Rabble.

Rebecca illustrates the well know characters as faceless figures. Allowing a fluid identity to the works one could almost see themselves in the canvas staring into the heart of the hustler who'd rather "die enormous than live dormant."

"Remember Dark Skin Jermaine" -Biggie

The faceless also represents the countless participants of "the game." As Fabolous once put it"The corner stander, stoop sitter and hallway posters." These hood legends who saw too early a grave and too brief a joy. The blank faces are almost a nameless headstone dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the street struggle.

"Fuck Ice":

The times truly do shape the man. Whether to their detriment or benefit. That era of poverty and hopelessness helped define a generation of men who had to discover for themselves the meaning of manhood. 

I found myself in a brief but deep introspection. Before a sculpture is carved it is RAW QUALITY. Before your circumstances shape you. You are either good material or shitty material. Really ask yourself. WHAT AM I MADE OF? There's a huge Difference between Mitch and Bitch Ass Ice.


"I love the game B"

Poor Mitch. Love will get you killed. And the game won't ever love you back. It is always better to be respected than loved. Love is a fluid emotion and can turn to hate. Without the check and balance of respect to keep the hate at bay... I mean, yall saw the movie!

"Niggas Get Shot Everyday B"

Rico aint lie. Life doesn't stop for anyone you either gonna get back or "give up that connect B."

Although the I might have liked to see a "Lulu dead" piece or a "I'm talking different, my body different" piece to show a more polarizing experience examining the lows of the game. It was a beautiful showing. 

I wonder if I can commission a "throw that ass back / you ain't even see when I put my leg up piece."

"What's Poppin Kermie"